A simple container to center your content horizontally

The .hx-container class can used in any context.

This is how the container will behave:
  • on mobile and tablet, it will have a margin of 20px on both the left and right sides.
  • on desktop (>= 1000px), it will have a maximum width of 960px and will be horizontally centered.
  • on widescreen (>= 1192px), it will have a maximum width of 1152px.
  • on fullhd (>= 1384px), it will have a maximum width of 1344px.

The values 960, 1152 and 1344 have been chosen because they are divisible by both 12 and 16.

Container Demo

Fluid container

If you don't want to have a maximum width but want to keep the 20px margin on the left and right sides, add the .is-fluid modifier:

Fluid container Demo